Related Links

CIDCM Negotiating the Net.  A PowerPoint presentation by Ernie Wilson et al on critical issues that need to be negotiated if the Internet is to thrive.
UNESCO The UNESCO Observatory on the Information Society is a public service that seeks to 1. provide updated information on the evolution of the Information Society at the national and international levels and 2. foster debates on the related issues.  The Observatory covers officially adopted legislation, work plans, strategies and policies governing institutional, national and international activities on the Web.
CDIF The Centre international pour le développement de l'inforoute en français (CIDIF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to monitoring and promoting the development of Internet technologies, and to disseminating related strategic information.
Larry Press Larry Press maintains a questionnaire to facilitate the application of the GDI analytic framework by interested individuals throughout the world.
ITU The International Telecommunications Union is carrying out a series of case studies on the diffusion of the Internet in countries at different stages of development. has drafted a Comparison of E-Readiness Assessment Models that describes the various tools that are available and what they measure, including the tools' underlying goals and assumptions which shape their outcomes. The aim is to foster informed decisions about approaches to e-readiness assessment, as national governments consider their IT policies and undertake development initiatives. A follow-on report, E-readiness Assessment: Who is Doing What and Where builds on the previous comparison study by looking at where e-readiness assessments have been carried out, and by whom.
LANIC The Latin America Network Information Center at the University of Texas at Austin hosts a web site that includes sections on the Internet and Computing in Latin America.

Most recently updated: July 11, 2003